Costumechest Childrens Movie Picks for 2015

2015 has some great kids movies lined up so why not take it to the next level and get your kids dressed up in costume for the occasion?  Here’s our picks from the bevvy of 2015 releases for you and your youngsters to let your imaginations loose.

There’s no need to wait for the release date though, there’s lots of opportunities to dress up, from a simple trip to the shops, the park, visiting a friend or family member but of course the cinema is where costumes really come to life. We think you’ll enjoy the movies even more by dressing as villain or hero, monster or fairy and bringing the action right into your own seat.

Movies are stuffed full of amazing costumes, whether its an animated blockbuster like Disney’s Frozen or the more sinister Jurassic World there are plenty of costumes to help lift the event to the next level. just imagine exiting the theater after a roaring dinosaur movie with your children dressed as a couple of triceratops; the faces on the next audience queuing to come in will be priceless and those cinema tickets will feel like even better value.

If dinosaurs aren’t your cup of tea, the fantasy flicks have plenty of scope for more gentle dress up as witches or princesses, fairies and princes, though dont be too surprised if your young Prince Charming doesn’t want to kiss Sleeping Beauty just yet. To help, we’ve made a shortlist of childrens movies due to be released during 2015 that it’s super-easy to find a cool costume for that the young at heart can wear to make the occassion even more special. If you’re going in a group of friends or with a club or school trip we can even help you organise the dress up with a special group discount.

Costumechest Childrens Movie Picks for 2015


Strange Magic

SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water



Monkey Kingdom (Disney documentary)

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Jurassic World

Inside Out




Fantastic Four

Shaun The Sheep Movie

Hotel Transylvania 2


The Peanuts Movie

The Good Dinosaur