New Products Introduction

Don’t worry, this wont be a list of new children’s fancy dress, swimwear or dance costumes which, after all, you can easily find on our main website Instead, this section will contain a wide variety of posts about other stuff about new products, for example:

  • industry trends,
  • show reports,
  • up and coming manufacturers,
  • specialist fabrics,
  • awards
  • and even book and movie releases that are likely to have strong costume themes that your kids will want to emulate

We’ve come a long way since the days of flimsy printed nylon fancy dress that lasts one wear if you’re lucky, though it is sadly true that many budget brands still stick to these poor quality offerings. Certainly when it comes to costumes for kids, we believe these clothes demand a heady mixture of safety, comfort, design, comfort and probably most important of all, durability. Whats the point buying your son, daughter, friend, niece, nephew or grandchild a garment that cant be washed or catches and ladders with the slightest touch of a rough fingernail or the seams tears apart on the swings ?

Costumechest is dedicated to only selling the best kids costume products because as parents ourselves we feel that the children we serve and who you love deserve nice things.

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