Fun and Ideas Introduction

Add a new dimension with a different location: a fantasy fairy tea party in the park

Lets Paaaaarrrteee !!   So, you need to plan a kids party, trip to the beach, family holiday, stage show or just about any other event where your children will be wearing a costume and you need ideas, fast !… you’ve found the right place. Here we will be sharing our ideas not only about fancy dress, swim and dance costumes that will help spread your money further but also all the other fun stuff that goes around planning such events and keeping your kids happy and amused for hours.

We have tons of ideas to share with you, most of which we know work because our own kids absolutely loved them too. Including:

  • costume party ideas,
  • do it yourself dress-up,
  • impromptu camping,
  • games,
  • cooking,
  • books and films,
  • and heaps of other stuff too.

We also welcome your ideas and will be giving away some cool stuff for any ideas we feature so don’t be shy, get in touch and don’t forget to send a photo or two as well.

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