Does a kids Halloween costume have to be scary?

Kids see blood and gore quite differently to us adults that have real-life experiences. To them it is often a natural part of play, either as doctors and nurses, soldiers or the ‘monsters’ in comics, TV, film and video games.

Online, video games and TV has exposed our children to ever more graphic images via friends older siblings, adverts etc and as a parent it is almost impossible to prevent children seeing these kind of images. I remember being terribly frightened by Dr Who and the Tomorrow People but these were firm favourites in our household and I fully understood they were not real. It seems reasonable to expect that kids nowadays are less worried by ‘scary’ images at an earlier age than previous generations as they become desensitised by the various media.

We have a friend whose daughter is seriously into collecting skulls of all types and loves a traditional Haloween, her father even calls her Wednesday after the Adams family character. For her it would be unforgivable not to have a seriously gory Halloween party.

Wednesday” may be the exception though; the paraphanalia of Halloween; sweets, pumpkins, parties and dressing up are all part of the fun and most kids get a kick out of the thought of magic and moonlight, back cats and cauldrons boiling up some wicked goulash of toads and mayhem.

Is it entirely necessary to be a blood soaked demon to enjoy Halloween? No, of course not. For there to be evil, there must be good to measure it against, this eternal struggle gives plenty of scope for kids to be the good guy, the happy fairy or just happy. Let’s not let Hollywood’s impression of Halloween taint our enjoyment of one of the best nights of the year to let your hair down and dress up.

If you want to be bad, then its a great opportunity, but if you want to be good then we have the costume for you too.

Our Leg Avenue ‘Cozy Bat’ is made of warm fleece for the coldest Halloween trick or treating session.