New Products Introduction

Don’t worry, this wont be a list of new children’s fancy dress, swimwear or dance costumes which, after all, you can easily find on our main website Instead, this section will contain a wide variety of posts about other stuff about new products, for example: industry trends, show reports, up and coming manufacturers, specialist fabrics, […]

Fun and Ideas Introduction

Lets Paaaaarrrteee !!   So, you need to plan a kids party, trip to the beach, family holiday, stage show or just about any other event where your children will be wearing a costume and you need ideas, fast !… you’ve found the right place. Here we will be sharing our ideas not only about […]

Safe & Sound Introduction

Your children trust you to make sure they are safe and sound even when they are at play, never more so than when they are lost in a world of make believe. Although there is plenty of legislation out there very few of us want to read it so in this section we will be presenting […]

Other Articles Introduction

There’s a world of fancy dress, swimwear and dance wear costumes for children to experience and explore and we can’t hope to sum it all up in our main sections so here lie all those miscellaneous articles and information you and we write that have no other home to go to. If you want to contribute, we […]